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The book of boredom
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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
1:42 pm
I did the impossible. as a apple hater anyway. i got a ipod...

Few reasons though. my old (5 year old now) creative xen 50gb died. so i needed a mp3 player and fast. my friend (quite a apple fanboi) had just got a new ipod classic 120gb so his 4gb nano was going spare. and cheep for me so i bought it.

At first things where going well. winamp would happly manage it and its nice and easy to use. it also dose a few things i always wished my creative did but some that it dose now :( though im getting used to that.

But then the problems started (maybe its cos i refuse to put itunes on my pc) but when i went to put some more music on i sat and sifted throught all my music and selected the best stuff and told it to transfer. but this time it decided it would only put the mp3's on as the ipod wont play flac or .ogg. so then it would of took me ages to see everysong that did not go on so i formatted it and started again. only this time it added replay gain to all the tracks and i could not find a easy way to delete the replay gain data :( so for the final time i mamaged to get it right, took about 8 hours to finaly fill my ipod with music i want at the settings i wanted.


Current Mood: LOL
Thursday, December 25th, 2008
10:35 pm
It was the first time i have seen Dr Who today

That is all.

Current Mood: drunk
Saturday, October 18th, 2008
6:43 pm
Well its been....
7 months since i have got my own place, and i can sum up the total of whats happen in one word realy....... Nothing


I cant complain like. but nought will change. dont think it ever will. makes me wounder what the point is sometimes. well the point is anime thats it. that is the only thing i even get out of bed for, cept things like work but thats needed to fun internet + electricity.

So yea i dont post cos nought happens, now im posting cos im bored. oh well ill go watch something or blast some more albatrosicks.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
9:43 pm
woo i finaly bought a wii and smash bros :D been on it constantly, now i just need to get everyone i know round to play :D problem is most people are ages away :( and then some dont have internet currently, so i can't play them over the web either :( amazing game though, and i have zelda to play aswell. hopefuly i have enougth games to last me till i earn soem money back then i can buy some more :D

Current Mood: SSBB
Friday, June 27th, 2008
9:07 pm
Im now skint again
As i bought this! I went into the pc shop to buy some blank dvd's and bought this. just that no amp or nought yet. I was looking at the guitars because they had this flying V in though when i asked the price it was £150 (if only) Though a guy came in a played on it for a while (seams he was playing a gig that night aswell and the owner got him to tune it because she had made a mess of it) and he raited it better than most of the others in there, so i bought it :P £50 not bad for a Squier Strat.

Current Mood: Musical
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
7:53 pm
More Speaker fun now
I won some speakers of ebay, some KEF celeste III Speakers :D they are beasts, though one of the tweeters are dead :( but for £5 i dotn care, the empty boxes are worth that, and then the huge subs work perfect. so now i need to get some tweeters of ebay. ill go for new this time though, looks to be about £25 for a pair. I have a huge headake now though, not form loud music like, from hours of trying to get teh dead tweeter working again. so now im running my pc tweeters and there sub, with 2 huge subs aswell :D

Now time to relax i guess.
5:01 pm
vista fun
I bought vista ultimate retail a few weeks back. got ti from america as its way cheeper :P i only got the 32bit disk though, so ive been running that for a while now, but today i finaly got round to getting a 64bit disk and getting that installed. do i see any differance... well not realy, though i do plan to put more ram in and thay would requite 64bit anyway for me to have over 3.2whatever gb of ram. though now i have to get everything installed again :( what a fun day :P
Saturday, June 14th, 2008
7:36 pm
Free speaker FTW?
I finaly got bored enougth to climb into the attic in my flat. took some work though, the ceiling is about 4meters high, so i took my wardrobe and climbed on top of that to then get up into the attic.
what did i find...

A HUGE collection of road signs :S like men working, traffic lights ahead, single line traffic and so on.
Lot of L shape metal (i could maybe build a pc case if i get bored enougth (saying that i will at some point lol)
And a speaker... just the one. i think, well i could not find the other, thats not to say it ist there.
So i now have a 5.1 speaker system, though it is wired into a 2.1 amp :P

Now i itch all over from the insulation up there.
Sunday, May 4th, 2008
5:29 pm
Yes it has been a while since my last update, ive even had the internet back for a few weeks aswell. and i have't been busy realy either. but im finaly doing it. so here a update of the past few months

New Flat.
Woo my flat rocks. well kind of, as a flat itself its great, the rooms are huge. in my living room there is my desk and pc. 3 arm chairs a coffee table dvd stand and there is still room for a single bed for when someone stays over. and the bedroom you could fit whats in there now 3 times over. the problem is everything in here is what i have been given form what people where getting rid off. there is nought wrong with whats here, and im very thankful to the people that gave me them.

The problem is what i dont have. like carpets, curtains/nets/blinds quite a lot of kitchen stuff aswell (not that i eat much besides chips and spag bol (not together of corse :P)) so its very chilly under foot even with socks on. but thats enougth about that, the place rules, it just needs some carpets.

Other things
Well while not having the internet, one finds you have more time to play on consoles. so ive been playing on the ps2, completing atelier iris 1, 2 and most of 3. though i still have makai kindom, disgaea 2, phantom brave and the other nippon ichi game i have but forget its name to complete. and when atelier iris 4 is coming out on the ps3 soon, and disgaea 3 is allready out (well kind of, i just need subs {Rant: why dose nis america find the need to dub the whole effing game. i could say the same about anything translated from japanese to english, dont waste the time and money, just give us subs. anyone the thinks they need the dub should be shot (except if your blind, then i will let you off) but otherwise you should be shot, dvd's could be a lot cheeper and there would be a lot more if they did't waste there time. maybe they should give fan subbers the rights to relese dvd's then i would buy them ALL!!! anyway, i wont go on about games that dont even keep the japanese language, i pay £40 for a game and its only use is to go in the bin *deep breath......*

Ok food... I want ideas of things to make, i ahev my own kitchen now, no one to worry about mess i can spend all the time i want making cool things. but i want ideas, what have anyone that reads this made that was amazing. and that i should make. there is only so many fry ups and pasta one can take. i eat a lot of rice but rice rules the world so i could eat that forever :P

well i cba typing much more. I will try to update more as things happen, but the chances of that are slim. but i will try anyway
Monday, March 3rd, 2008
6:15 pm
Sayonara tinternet
Hello new flat

Im moving out, get my keys tomoro. so i have no idea when im going to pack my pc up. but i wont have the internet there till i can afford it. so its goodbye to anyone that reads my lj and also the people's i read.

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
10:29 am
It was my birthday on saturday, Im now 21 :O

Anyway, coming up to my birthday i saved some money up to buy a new monitor, i was planning for a basic £200 24" but today i just ordered a 24" LG L246WH for £315 :D and now i have to wate till tomoro for it to arrive. Hopefuly it will come nice and early, but they never do, do they? lol apart from that, not much has happened. ahh well back to been bored wating for my monitor now. i guess i should do some tidying up :P
Sunday, February 10th, 2008
8:03 pm
It was quite foggy today, and very cold. So I went out with my camera :D
Misty Trees

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
9:44 am
Its been a while since ive posted
What have I been up to? I hear no one ask.
Well I will say anyway.

Another day waiting in for a parcel to be dropped off, it best get here soon, because after that its adventure time. Why an adventure? Well My friend got given a pc to fix, the problem is he not only could not fix it, but broke his parents pc as well. so if they don't have a pc, they will take his. and then the problem with that is that no one else know how to look after a pc. the one currently there has been riped to pieces but if my friends goes in its place its a £100 case that they will be takeing there anger out on.
SO... We are traveling to Redcar to charlesbeams to get some pc parts. The adventure comes from that he dose not really live near anywhere that we can get close to by bus or train, its a bit of a walk, then we need to head back to my friends house to fix the pc, so I will be all over the place catching busses and walking later on.

Well errm. not that much. I got the orange box, and completed all of that, ive been playing on my ds and psp. and watching lots of anime. I need to sort soem out onto my external hard drive for czol But im very lazy and a bit skint to even post it down

Well i guess i should post more, i can talk about the whats happening now like its only just happened. I also need a better job or to do something more like some more college, Lots of people in my family say that my photography is great and i should do that, so maybe in the next college year ill sort something out, but then my laziness comes into it.

This song rules!!!!
Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
12:33 am
Christmas update
Well Merry Christmas every one, hope you got soem good stuff, what did i get? well i know what ive got to open tomoro, a razor (went to buy soem new blades myself, then thats how i found out i was getting that, so i have't had a proper shave with a sharp razor for ages now) and some clothes.
but i did get money so, i bought the following
Unreal 3
supreme commender FA
a new surge protective plug
a second hard drive caddy

well red dwarf on TV in a few mins, so all the best to everyone for christmas!
Sunday, November 11th, 2007
1:31 pm
MPH 07
Roush Mustang

OMG WOW How cool was that :P, the walking around was kind of painful, but all the cars and then the show at the end of the day was so 1337. susuki swift football, i nearly broke my hand when i jumped up to celebrate after hamster scored the goal to put his team in the lead.

Oh and there was flying cars, a cage of death. lots of fire abd bangs so loud that my friend next to me jumped a mile in the air. i took loads of photo's, ill look through them better later and maybe upload some more to my flickr

Good things about the day. I got a paul swift signed poster (might be worth somethign on ebay, though he is an amazing stunt driver, so i might keep it) lots of cars (to name a couple; zonda, diablo, cuntach, xj220 and f40)
free drinks and of corse the amazing live show :D

Bad things about the day. Getting home at 1aa. after a few problem aswell. there was none. not in the car though. it was runnning low, so we went to a tesco 24h petrol station, people inside, people outside but somethign strange was happening, the shop was't open. the only thing i can think of was a robbery or something, and they shut the place down, because the pumps were not locked up. ahh well.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, November 1st, 2007
12:51 pm
*crys* why dose my psp never work
Well it currently is (hopefuly)fully working. it all started when the wfif was killed with a official firmware update (thus never ever usign official firmware again) and after much time, i got a new wifi board and fitted it. everything was working again, but i needed a new facia, as mine was scrached to hell. after fitting a new 1. i found that 1 speaker was't working. so i ordered some new speakers.

after fitting the new speakers, i found nothing had changed :S so it was somethign else stopping it from working (and yes it was plugged in lol) but the wire was in the wrong place. so it was shorting out. after fixing this i closed my psp up and was looking forword to some happy disgaea'ing, but that was not to happen, as my umd drive had stopped working, and i was out all day :(

so just now i have had to open my psp again, taking care of speaker wires and re fitting the umd drive. this seamed to fix it. but after much work.

Current Mood: confused
Friday, October 19th, 2007
7:53 pm
I HATE Royal Mail
Stuff im wating for =

psp memory card (bought 2 weeks ago), psp facia(sent first class recorded on wednesday) 10ohm resistors and smd led's.

the memory card ist a big deal, but i want to make a pandora and magic stick. but im so bored, all i want to do is mod my psp with led goodness, and royal mail aint bring them :(

hopefuly they will come tomoro and cure my bordom.

I found something to do today though, my friend wanted a induction kit fittign to his 1.6l vtec civic sport. which was fun. and when it was done. i nabed a go reving it, its was ftw :D

anyway if my stuff comes tomoro i will post some nice pitures.

Current Mood: bored
Friday, August 10th, 2007
5:55 pm
Firstly, i haven't updated in a while because nothing has happened :P but now that summer is hear i though i should fix up my bike. ive spent the last 3 days getting it working. but after each day it was working till i went somewhere and things went wrong.

Firstly i needed to put a new innertube in, but the bike has stunt pegs on and so a normal spanner couldn't get the nuts off. then i replaced that, and went to skelton, on the way back though. it was about 11pm and i was going downhill on a pitch black and twisty road. i had to follow the center line so i did't crash into the bushes (also id has a bit to drink :P)

then, as i was coming down the last bit to saltburn beack (which is a steap downhill) i decided to race a car down that overtook me, it was a 30 road, and i was catching up untill... BOOM :P and my inertube exploded, so i had to push my bike up saltburn bank :(

So then today i went to boro and bought a new tyre and innertube, and i beleve its sorted now (best be coz on sunday i will be travling about 10 miles on it :P)
also while i was there i went to T&S Foods and got some supplys in. so in a minuit ill go and do soem cooking :D

oh and check my flickr (now!) www.flickr.com/photos/teamtd11/

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
2:57 pm
Picture and stuff
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well i took my camera out to get some shots today, but it did't take long to fill my 256mb card :(

thats probbly the best shot i got, The light was changing to much, and i was working in manual :P

Nought much else has happened, i might go into the garden soon, and try and get some more shots. I need to try and capture "Elegance" For this months photo of the month challange on forums.bit-tech.net any ideas?

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
6:11 pm
Well :D... my friend jayson got a camera a few months back. but he dos't know how to treat things with care. so i was talking to him while he was at work in pc2000, and he said he bust his camera and was getting rid. he decided to clean the lense with spit. and some got inside the camera, and all the inside of the lense was wet.

So i offered to take it off his hands, and i put it in the airing cupboard over night to dry out, and now its as good as new


thats the camera there. not bad for £20

Current Mood: happy
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